Andhra Pradesh

The textiles of Andhra Pradesh in natural fibres such as cotton and silk are famous all over the world. the art of weaving, dying and printing has been developed in the area for centuries as the Andhra region was a centre of civilization from ancient times. Traditional weaving techniques are known to have been developed over 3000 years ago. Weaves such as ikkat, Mangalgiri, Dharmavaram, Gadwal produce the most gorgeous and traditional sarees that are worn by the women of Andhra Pradesh along with ornaments made of gold, pearls and diamonds.The pearls of Hyderabad are also very famous. There is a wide variety of sarees that are produced in different parts of Andhra Pradesh. Pochampalli, Gadwal, Venkatagiri, Dharmavaram are some of the places in Andhra where these sarees are still woven. The famous Ikkat saree which originated in Nalgonda district is woven into intricate patterns from dyed yarn. The Ikkat is now woven in the villages of Pochampalli ,Chautuppal and Puttapakausing the same ancient techniques. Ancient techniques developed over 3000 years bring out master pieces from skilled craftsmen whose families are in the same profession for generations. Each of the variety of sarees mostly in cotton or silk is distinct in technique and design but have a common thread running through; each kind of saree represents a glorious tradition of ethnic skills that are not only technically flawless but also richly artistic in their rendition. The art of dyeing yarn and cloth have been keenly developed in this land. Printing of fabric in the Kalamkari, Nirmal, Bidri styles with vegetable dyes is quite famous. These traditional styles of textile printing are mostly block printing, tie and dye etc. and all kinds of cotton and silk is printed and used by people all over India and abroad to make fine garments.

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